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Video Trip Report : Wednesday 15th of August, Epic Trip Across the Doi Langka Mountain Range


We did a new variation of one of the most challenging one day hikes around Chiang Mai last Wednesday. We had found a new trail down from Doi Langka Luang. We decided to try hiking up to the summit of Doi Langka Luang via the beautiful roller coaster ridge, across Doi Pah Ngom and on up to the peak of Doi Langka Luang. Then we would head through the jungle near the top of Doi Langka Luang in a saddle between peaks and head down our slightly less steep alternative to heading down via Doi Langka Noi.

We took some video of the route which should give you an idea of the beauty of the views from the ridges we hiked along and of the expanse of untouched forest on this side of town.


Trip Report: Sunday 13th of November 2011, Circular hike in Ob Khan National Park


21 of us set off from the Ob Khan NP Visitor on a lovely sunny morning, among them several new faces. Two more new hikers joined us and caught up with the main group after we set off up the wide track through the forest east of the visitor centre. This was a new hiking route that followed one of the original tracks going north and then west through the forest with plenty of shade. There were sections that were not quite straightforward as nature had wreaked havoc in several places where the trail was blocked by fallen trees or overgrowth or had just been obliterated by landslips. The group overcame all obstacles by resourcefulness and ingenuity, by crawling on all fours or sliding down small steep sections.

After the forest trail we reached the river (Mae Nam Khan) where parts of the traditional trail had been undermined by the rainy season and we had to go down to the river bed and then up again. We found a pleasant spot by the river for a snack break and where one of our number was brave enough to enter the water and cross and re cross the river several times. At this break stop one couple had to hurry home and so 21 of us continued alongside the spectacular river and back to the Visitor Centre, facilities and restaurant. We had hiked a mere 4.25 km.

The Restaurant was open so fourteen of the group enjoyed lunch and refreshments.

There was no fee to enter, nor were we required to sign in, for Ob Khan National Park. Access to and from the park was tricky as there was a lot of repairs in progress to restore the road following numerous landslips that had occurred during the rainy season.

Our thanks to Janet for leading this hike and to Maggie and John for helping keep the group together and to Poppy for assisting with clearing the trails in preparation for this new hike..

Hike Pics

Trip Report Sunday 12th June 2011 – Ban Doi Pui Loop


Nine of us plus one dog showed up at the Arboretum and left at 8:15 in 2 cars plus one motorbike for Ban Doi Pui. Due to a failure of communication the motorbike rider was left behind, and so missed the hike. We much regret this mistake and will try to avoid a recurrence.

Instead of driving all the way down to the village, we took the turn-off toward Ban Khun Chang Khian, and then turned down the paved lane to Wat Doi Pui, where we parked and walked down the long flight of steps to the village. We feel this was easier on the cars.

The rest of the hike went as planned, covering 11+ km. and an elevation gain of perhaps 700 meters in 4 hours. The weather was excellent and. There were some beautiful orange flowers were in full bloom along the way.

We encountered a number of leeches on the trail where we turned uphill toward Doi Pui, but no screams of fright or horror were heard. We seem to have learned how to get rid of them, though learned later of 3 which had attached – one of which was in a most unfortunate place!

Pics From This Week’s Hike

Trip Report: Sunday 29th May 2011 The Pilgrims’ Trail


There were seven hikers on this familiar but enjoyable hike starting from behind the Zoo and climbing to Wat Suthep. Fortunately the rain had not been very heavy overnight so it was not excessively muddy, though it was somewhat slippery in parts.

We stopped at Wat Phalad for our customary break and to enjoy the view over the city. Having been shamelessly bribed with a tasty sandwich, one of the temple dogs decided to join us on the upward climb but the monk refused our invitation! Sadly, one of our party had to return home at this point but not before she had taken some great photographs.

The final stage of the ascent was mainly under tree cover but it was hot and very humid, and we were all sweating heavily by the time we reached the coffee shop at the foot of Wat Suthep, for a welcome gaffee yen. Over lunch we cooled down rapidly and felt decidedly uncomfortable in our wet clothes.

Three of our party decided to visit Wat Suthep and then go on to the palace, so the remaining three lost no time in making the descent and getting home for that much needed shower!

A Few Pics of the Trip

Trip report: Doi Suthep – 5 Way Junction – Arboretum 8th May 2011


There were nine of us on this beautiful 12.6 km hike. The gods were smiling on us and there was no rain though the streams were full of water, it was a little slippery in parts, and we did encounter a few leeches. In fact the sun was shining but most of the hike was under the tree canopy so the hiking was very comfortable indeed.

En route we encountered a very large tree that had carelessly fallen across our path, but fortunately we managed to battle our way through the foliage. There were numerous mushrooms of varying hues and sizes which proved to be very photogenic but a little more suspect in the gastronomic arena! The biggest butterfly ever – yellow and black – hovered overhead, but sadly the lychees were not yet ripe enough to eat……

We took our usual breakfast break at the five way junction, with the added pleasure of some delicious chocolate birthday cake for everyone, before starting off on the return journey. Soon after the junction, we turned off onto a delightful but hardly used path that took us almost all the way back to the road. Happily we were waylaid by the ice cream truck when we crossed the main road, before starting the final descent to the arboretum.

Pics from the Hike

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GPS Stuff

GPX file for path from Wat Doi Suthep to Arb via 5 way junction.

Trip Report: 24th April 2011, Huay Tung Tao Reservoir to Dtaat Mook Waterfall


After meeting at the Arboretum on Easter Sunday morning we drove out to Huay Tung Tao Reservoir, about 12km north on route 121. There we met up with the remainder of the group near the standing Buddha statue.

10 of us, including Coco the brown Labrador, set off on a trail starting close to the car park. We climbed steadily up and were rewarded with beautiful views back over the reservoir and Chiang Mai valley. The weather was overcast and not too hot at that point – a joy to walk in!

Walking through the forest we reached our breakfast destination, the ‘secret’ waterfall. The recent rains ensured a good amount of water tumbling down over the high cliffs – and all agreed it was certainly worth a visit!

Another hiker joined us at this point so 11 of us set off for the return journey, this time following the stream fed by the waterfall going gently back downhill. En route we came across a good display of orchids, brightly coloured foliage, a very spiky tree and a group of locals collecting red ant nests.

Once back near the lakeside 5 of the group decided to do an additional 3km loop along the reservoir, the rest took the more direct route back to the car park – and a cool beer at one of the lake raft restaurants. Total distance 5.5km/8.5km

Pics of the Outing

Here is the original hike description with attached GPS trail.

Trip Report: 17th April 2011 Riverside walk in Ob Khan National Park


16 of us set off from the Arboretum on a beautiful sunny morning, among them several new faces. One more group member joined us en route on Highway 121 so a total of 17 hikers arrived at Ob Khan National Park. There was no entry fee to pay and on arrival we could already see stall holders setting up for the very last day of the Songkran festivities.

We set off from the visitor centre following the park Nature Trail which mainly follows the course of the Mae Nam Khan upstream. The river is passing through a series of gorges with quite spectacular rock formations. The walking was fun and quite varied, from well marked paths, ambling across riverside boulders to scrambling along the hillside. Lunch was had in a shady spot and several hikers decided to have a refreshing swim – one taking his wallet & mobile phone along too. (more…)

Trip Report: 10.04.2011 Pre-Songkran Madness, Hike from CMU Coffee shop near Baan Khun Chiang Kian to Monthaton Waterfall


Fourteen hikers, including some new faces, managed to squeeze into the songtao at the Arboretum and one elected to drive up on his motorcycle. Having enjoyed our customary coffee and biscuits at the CMU Coffee Shop, we set off in high spirits.

Most of the hike was on the downward gradient and fortunately the overnight rain had not left the ground excessively wet. We stopped at the Five Way point for our mid morning break and our motorcyclist began the climb back the way we had come, to retrieve his motorcycle and return home.

At the Monthaton turnoff the descent became steeper and a little more challenging in terms of fallen trees and debris across the path but the weather was excellent, and we were rewarded by the sight of the waterfall and the opportunity to soak hot feet in the cool water.

Arriving back at the entrance to the National Park, some of our more energetic members decided to continue the walk down to the Arboretum whilst the rest flagged down a songtao. What better way to celebrate the Pre-Songkran Madness?

Original Hike Description

Here you can find the post that described this hike.

GPS Tracks

Here is the GPS trail for this ‘Coffee Shop Monthaton Walk’.

Pics of Our Walk

Trip Report: Sunday 20th March 2011 NEW Circular hike from Ban Doi Suthep to Doi Suthep summit via Ban PhuPhing


There were twenty eight of us on this hike, including several new faces. Our leader explained that some parts of this circular route had been hiked many times before but some parts were not as well known, so it would be necessary to check the GPS from time to time. In the event, we wandered only slightly off track on two occasions and were then just a little unsure of our direction when we got back onto it. However, it was an excellent learning experience for all of us as we pooled our various GPS readings and reached a consensus about which way to go!

The hike included some modest inclines and one fairly steep descent, but for the most part it was easy hiking, along well shaded and verdant paths that reflected the benefits of the recent rains. Our lunch spot was delightful: there was good conversation and even some sunbathing……

Unfortunately one of our members sustained a flesh wound to his eyelid on the return journey but we had the necessary sterile dressing etc for immediate first aid. He was confident that there had been no damage to his eye but promised faithfully to get it checked out.

Altogether we walked 11.1 km

written by co-leader Dorothy

Photos taken on the hike

Thanks to John Hother for these pics.

Trip Report : Sunday 13th March 2011 Circular hike from the Camp Site to the summit of Doi Pui via the Coffee Shop


We had a wonderful group of 18 hikers, including some new faces, and there was much good conversation and laughter along the way.

Our first stop was the coffee shop – always a popular start to any hike – and thus fortified we continued on. By majority vote, we bypassed the village (Ban Khun Chang Khian) and began the upward climb. As we approached the ridge the upward gradient did become quite challenging but the views over the valley were breathtaking (no pun intended!). It was generally agreed that the climb up was probably a lot safer than attempting to climb down because the pine needles can be quite treacherous.

We ate a leisurely picnic lunch in the same spot as last week before beginning on the gently downward path back to the camp site. Having reached our transport, it was clear that no one was in a hurry to get home and the conversation continued until, with some reluctance, we bade each other farewell. We had hiked 7.82 km and recorded an elapsed time of 4h 15m.

Here is a gpx track of the trail we followed. and here is the original hike description describing the route in more detail.

Pics From This Hike

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