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Trip Report : 2 Day Trip, Exploring Trail from Doi Luang, Phayao to Doi Nohk


It has been a while since I have written about my hiking explorations. I have already covered on this web site most of the hikes that stand out for me within an hours drive of Chiang Mai. But I am beginning now to travel further afield and am finding exciting new areas again. One such recent trip I made was out to a beautiful long ridge that starts about 2 hours drive NE of Chiang Mai toward Chiang Rai.

Doi Nohk (Hump Mountain)

If you head out of Chiang Mai on highway 118 towards Chiang Rai and turn off towards Phayao on highway 120 before you reach Phayao you will cross a ridge of mountains running North to South. The highest point on this ridge is Doi Nohk which is 1686 m above sea level. Doi Nohk (ดอยหนอก) seems to take it’s name from it’s shape. Nohk in Thai means a hump (as in camel hump) so the name can be translated as Hump Mountain. It is quite a sharp hump that sticks out above the ridge.

I had heard about Doi Nohk from a friend who hiked up there with Trekker Hut a group of mainly Thai hikers from Bangkok who travel all over. There is a hike to climb Doi Nohk that you can just about do on a long day trip from Chiang Mai. Below you can see a screen shot from Google Earth showing the trail going up the mountain. You might be able to make your way up to the peak without a GPS but the trail is not obvious, you can find a GPS trail for this route in the collection of tracks below.

A screen shot from Google Earth of the trail up Doi Nohk from highway 120

A screen shot from Google Earth of the (grey) trail up Doi Nohk from highway 120


Video Trip Report : Wednesday 15th of August, Epic Trip Across the Doi Langka Mountain Range


We did a new variation of one of the most challenging one day hikes around Chiang Mai last Wednesday. We had found a new trail down from Doi Langka Luang. We decided to try hiking up to the summit of Doi Langka Luang via the beautiful roller coaster ridge, across Doi Pah Ngom and on up to the peak of Doi Langka Luang. Then we would head through the jungle near the top of Doi Langka Luang in a saddle between peaks and head down our slightly less steep alternative to heading down via Doi Langka Noi.

We took some video of the route which should give you an idea of the beauty of the views from the ridges we hiked along and of the expanse of untouched forest on this side of town.


Trip Report : Wednesday 25th of July 2012, Hike Up Doi Mot


We found another very interesting trail the other day along the Chiang Mai Chiang Rai prefectural border out past Doi Saket off the 118.

Despite typhoon vincente having come to town and there having been heavy rain all the previous day we did not cancel our planned exploratory trip. We were expecting rain all day but we figured we would see how far we could get in the rain. It turned out that though it rained as we were on the way out to the hike from the time we started hiking till late afternoon when we finished we remained bone dry, except for some sweat generated from the tough climb. (more…)

Trip Report : 5/5/2555, Stroll Along Ridge Forming Chiang Mai Lampang Border, from Vicinity of Baan Mae Dtoon Luang to Flight of the Gibbons Area


On a very auspicious day, 5/5/2555, ie. the 5th of May 2012 we went out to explore a new trail that we had spotted on a previous expeditionary trip.

I had spotted a rather steep trail heading down from the peak I had been up previously which is just South of the highest point on route 1252, 6 km on from the turning down to Baan Mae Dtoon Luang. I figured that this trail probably continued along the Chiang Mai Lampang border, along the ridge on top of this wonderful range of mountains running from North South to the East of Chiang Mai. (more…)

Trip Report : 11th and 14th of April, Explorations Along the Mountain Ridge Dividing Lampang and Chiang Mai Provinces


The Area

Recently I have been out exploring out of town past Doi Saket and the area where “Jungle Flight” has it’s zip lines. Out 5-6 km along the 1252, from the road down to Mae Dtoon Luang the starting point for previous hikes up Doi Langka Noi we reach the highest point on the 1252 which is the top of the ridge which forms the boundary between the two provinces Lampang and Chiang Mai. This is around 60 km from the centre of Chiang Mai and it is a quite pleasant drive out there. By the time you get to the ridge line you will have been driving through forest and small villages for some time. As I have said before the forest on this side of town is a lot better preserved than the forest in the more popular Doi Pui Suthep National Park.


Trip Report : 24th February 2012, Successful Ascent Up the Back Side of Doi Inthanon!


Bare Foot Holy Hikers

I first went up to a stupa about half way up a ridge on the back of Doi Inthanon with a group of monks and locals from the Mae Win area on New Year’s day 2011.  We met at a temple known for it’s vipasana meditation teaching at 6 am on New Years Day. About 200 lay people joined most of the monks from the temple and a few dogs for a New Year’s day pilgrimage that the monks do every year to a small stupa that they have built on a ridge about half way up Doi Inthanon. The temple had prepared a feast of food for us to eat to give us energy for the climb.

The monks walked bare foot up to the stupa. We cut through the forest, getting lost a couple of times and came out on a spectacular ridge on the back of Doi Inthanon. We made extremely slow going as many of the locals from around Mae Win were not overly fit. I was amazed that so many people from around Mae Win turned out to do this hike up a mountain. Mae Win is a very small country town, most of the community had turned up to scale the back of this mountain. After we had got out of the forest and onto the ridge, the views were spectacular. This ridge we were on was on the North side of Doi Inthanon which I have called the back of Doi Inthanon because as we all know there is a road that goes up Doi Inthanon, it is on the South side of the mountain. We all walked around 5 km that day up the mountain.

Beyond the Stupa


Sunday 18th September, Ban Khun Chang Khian checkpoint to the ‘giant picnic table’ area, descending the north face of Doi Pui to Wat Doi Suthep


This moderately hard and mainly downhill hike of some 13.5 kms starts at the Ban Khun Chang Khian checkpoint and climbs to the ‘giant picnic table’ area, near the peak of Doi Pui, before descending the north face of Doi Pui via the Five Way Junction and the Ban Khun Chang Khian village to Wat Doi Suthep. (more…)

Sunday 11th September – Walk to Dtaat Mook Waterfall from Huay Tueng Thao Lake (with option to extend)


After having 3 exhausting hikes including steep ups and downs as well as leeches, we will have a more easy hike at this weekend. This will be a triangular walk, there and back, from the northern end of the Huay Tueng Tao lake up to the waterfall. Please notice that we will meet directly at Huay Tueng Thao (details see below).

Buddha Calming the Waters

Buddha Calming the Waters


Sunday 31st July, 2011 – !Cancelled Due to Rain! Galae Restaurant Circular Hike


Hike this week was cancelled due to the continuing rain. We will attempt to do the same hike next Sunday.

This is an about 6.5 km circular walk starting from Galae restaurant parking lot. We will be walking for around 3-4 hours pending on group speed and length of our breaks. We will meet directly at the parking lot of Galae Restaurant at 8:15 am and start our walk latest 8:30 am. Even we would judge this hike as not difficult, the uphill part of the first third of the hike requires a certain fitness level. (more…)

Sunday May 1st, 2011, Hike from Wat Doi Suthep to 5 Way Junction to Arbortum via path 4


This will be a 12,6 km hike starting from Doi Suthep, walking upstairs to the National Park shop and guesthouses. From there we will walk along a well defined way up to the 5 way junction where we will have our breakfast/lunch break …. (more…)

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