We have decided to stop listing group hikes on this web site. Hikes are already being listed at the original group hiking web site http://chiangmaihiking.wordpress.com. It is felt that this old web site may better meet the needs of the hiking group at this time. The old web site is easier to maintain! And it seems this new web site is a little too effective at getting the word out about hikes. It is great that more people are coming out with us but we are worried that the easier hikes may not continue to be feasible with the currently ever increasing numbers on these hikes which are near to overwhelming the few people stepping forward as hike leaders!

I will be transforming this web site http://cmhike.com into a source of information for independent hikers, listing trails, giving tips on where to buy equipment and Thailand related GPS info, etc and also will have articles on other outdoor activities around Chiang Mai, such as kayaking, open water swimming etc.

For those who want to unsubscribe from emails from this web site you are reminded that there is a link to do so in all the emails you receive. The original web site will not be able to offer email subscription unfortunately, you will have to check the site periodically for info about hikes.

I hope that many people continue to step forward to lead hikes and to help to maintain the group hiking web site.