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Sunday 19th June, 2011 – Huay Tong Tao Reservoir


We will meet for a 9.15 am start at the main car park in Huay Tong Tao Reservoir We will walk around the reservoir and up into the hills beyond – and return (more…)

Sunday 12th June, 2011 – Ban Doi Pui Loop


Sign at the summit of Doi Pui

Sign at the summit of Doi Pui

We will meet for an 8.15 am start at the arboretum. We will drive up to Ban Doi Pui and then hike to Ban Doi Peak before returning via Doi Suthep to the village. (more…)

Sunday 5th June,2011 – CMU Coffee Shop to Monthatan Waterfall


We will meet for an 8.15 am start at the arboretum. We will drive up to CMU Coffee Shop in a red songthaow and then hike down to Monthatan Waterfall via the 5 Way Junction.

Trip Report: Sunday 29th May 2011 The Pilgrims’ Trail


There were seven hikers on this familiar but enjoyable hike starting from behind the Zoo and climbing to Wat Suthep. Fortunately the rain had not been very heavy overnight so it was not excessively muddy, though it was somewhat slippery in parts.

We stopped at Wat Phalad for our customary break and to enjoy the view over the city. Having been shamelessly bribed with a tasty sandwich, one of the temple dogs decided to join us on the upward climb but the monk refused our invitation! Sadly, one of our party had to return home at this point but not before she had taken some great photographs.

The final stage of the ascent was mainly under tree cover but it was hot and very humid, and we were all sweating heavily by the time we reached the coffee shop at the foot of Wat Suthep, for a welcome gaffee yen. Over lunch we cooled down rapidly and felt decidedly uncomfortable in our wet clothes.

Three of our party decided to visit Wat Suthep and then go on to the palace, so the remaining three lost no time in making the descent and getting home for that much needed shower!

A Few Pics of the Trip

Sunday 29th May 2011: The Pilgrims’ Trail


This is the classic pilgrims’ trail from the foot of Doi Suthep to Wat Suthep. We will meet for an 8.15 am start at the western end of the Suthep Road where there is plenty of parking space. The initial phase to Wat Phalad is easy hiking but thereafter it gets a little more steep so a reasonable level of personal fitness is required. There is also a faster paced hike on the same day. (more…)

Trip Report : 22nd of May 2011, Hike Around Huay Tung Thao Loop


There were 14 of us on this new 18 km circular hike, plus two delightful Labradors, Banana and Monkey. The initial uphill stretch was indeed quite challenging and sadly, one of the group decided to drop out after the first half an hour or so. But fortunately there had been no rain for two days so the ground was fairly dry and the hiking was good.

We climbed some 750 metres in 2.25 hours and were rewarded with the most amazing views over Huay Tung Thao. Harry, our leader, was a veritable mine of information, and at each rest stop he explained the wider context of how the many paths have developed in this area.

The path back down was a wide dirt track, taking us initially through some beautiful valleys and then through lychee orchards where the fruit was ripening nicely, and proved to be irresistible to some of the group! By this time our canine companions had discovered some muddy play areas and Banana was no longer quite so yellow……

We stopped for a breakfast break in a farmer’s shelter and then began the final descent back to Huay Tung Thao, enjoying the views over the reservoir all the while. An excellent 5.5 hour hike that is now recorded on the group GPS!

Pics From This Hike

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