We found another very interesting trail the other day along the Chiang Mai Chiang Rai prefectural border out past Doi Saket off the 118.

Despite typhoon vincente having come to town and there having been heavy rain all the previous day we did not cancel our planned exploratory trip. We were expecting rain all day but we figured we would see how far we could get in the rain. It turned out that though it rained as we were on the way out to the hike from the time we started hiking till late afternoon when we finished we remained bone dry, except for some sweat generated from the tough climb.

We started from just off the 118 where there is a quite famous shrine. See the pics below of the phalluses in one part of the shrine. It seems this shrine is much revered. Everyone who goes past on the 118 gives a little blast of there horn. There is a trail up into the mountains behind one of the shrines here. This shrine is just on the border of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai on the North side of the 118 opposite to radar mountain where the roller coaster trail is. Just like the roller coaster trail this trail to Doi Mot follows the Chiang Rai Chiang Mai border. Indeed we have now hiked the trail in bits and pieces between flight of the Gibbons and Doi Mot. The trail continues on from Doi Mot to Doi Phi Phanam and I suspect it continues on from there along the border. I hope to get out this way another time soon to explore further.

Doi Mot has a peculiar long ridge like peak. I would imagine that the views from up there are spectacular. Because of typhoon vincente we didn’t see much from up there on this trip. The forest on this side of town seemed pretty much undisturbed deep forest apart from some areas near Baan Khun Lao where some of the forest has been cleared. We thought we saw a flash of a monkey a couple of times in the canopy but could not be sure.

We were actually planning to go as far as Doi Phi Phannam on our trip on Wednesday but we found this trail really hard going. I am not sure if it is that we were out of shape having not hiked in a while or whether it was because we were not expecting quite such a tough climb or whether it was the slippy conditions, probably all of these were factors, we found this trail very tough. We found an alternative start point for the trail in the village Baan Kun Lao which is actually in Chiang Rai. We came back down this way and we would recommend anyone else doing this trail to probably start there. Baan Khun Lao is a very pretty little village and we found the people there very friendly. It seems to be quite an industrious little village. We passed passion fruit they were growing as well as coffee under the forest canopy and all kinds of other fruits.

Pictures of Our Trip

Apparently the shrine we started at is called San Jao Me Nang Gao. It is a shrine for a woman’s spirit. Am not sure of the reason why people have brought phalluses (pictured last) as offering to the female spirit.

GPS Track Log

This would be quite a difficult trail to follow if you didn’t have a GPS. The trail is non existent at times and there are lots of forks away from the correct trail.

Here is the GPS track log and way points as a GPX file and a Google Earth KMZ file.