There were 16 of us who arrived at the train station at 6:15am for the early train to Khun Tan.  The weather was clear and a bit warmer than anticipated, but just about perfect.  With the train on time, we arrived at the Khun Tan Station just after 8am, where we were met by one of the cabin area caretakers, and all of our baggage was transported by motorcycle up to the cabins (Yaw 3).

Some had managed to nap on the train and all were energetic for the walk up to the headquarters where we paid the admission fee and ordered a meal at the restaurant there to carry up. Having been alerted, there were 3 cooks on hand and a good choice of dishes.  The first half of the hike from there has some steep spots and we took it easy with frequent rest stops.  The second half is on a shady path with a gentle gradient. The whole hike, from train station to the cabins, has about a 700 meter gain in elevation and is about 8 km.  As we arrived just before noon, we were able eat our lunch before settling into the 2 cabins prepared for us.  After a short rest we then hiked up one more km. to the very top (Yaw 4) for the 360 degree view.  The air was cool enough that we enjoyed the sunshine, and some stretched out for another nap.

We were back in time for a cold shower before pitching in to help prepare a spaghetti dinner with a beautiful salad, followed by carrot cake.  In the meanwhile the lights came on as the generator started and then we watched the sky change colors as the sun set.  Some of the men gathered wood for a bonfire and a bit later we had a marsh-mellow roast, a new experience for all the the non-Americans.  We were all tired enough to turn in early, 9pm.

Sunday morning we had a leisurely breakfast, each one of us having brought his own, and at 9am started back to the train station to catch the 1:35pm train which came in just before 3pm., giving us plenty of time to buy our lunch there. And so we were back in Chiang Mai shortly after 4pm.

From the comments shared with me I believe everyone enjoyed the hike, the company, the cabins, the views, the food, etc.  We’ll plan to do it again.


Pics from Trip