Enjoying a paddle in the pool at the waterfall

Enjoying a paddle in the pool at the waterfall

This is an almost 11 km circular hike starting from the NP Gate on the 1269 road to Samoeng. We start at an altitude of about 400 metres and ascend 300 metres over about 4 km. The way to the Falls is mainly on a wide rutted track with some shade and a few awesome views of the surrounding hills. There is quite a difficult steep descent of 64 metres over 240 metres to the waterfalls. The pools at the base of the waterfalls are ideal for a dip. Care is needed as there is a risk of slipping on the wet rocks and where the water exits from the pool area there is a drop of tens of metres.

We will rest and have our packed lunches in the Waterfall area after which we shall retrace our steps for about 3.5 km. At this junction we will head south west on a track that the group has not used before. This is a narrow track that soon bears to the south and on the way we will stop by what we believe is a Chinese burial monument. Towards the end of this 2.25 km downhill track we will encounter a fast running man made shallow dyke about a metre wide with sloping sides. Janet and I crossed this without getting our shoes wet by the simple expedient of removing the shoe and sock from one foot which we used to step into and over the water. On the other side………surprise, but that can wait until you see it.

From here we reach the 1269 road at a place where there are three or four fruit and vegetable stalls. 300 metres of walking downhill alongside the road brings us back to our starting point at the NP Gate. We will return by vehicles to the Fondcombe Village Resort where refreshments and the swimming pool are usually available. It is a relaxing way to enjoy the end of a good day out.

We will :

  • meet at the Fondcombe Village Resort at 8:30 and will carpool up the 1269 (about 8 kms) to find parking spots near to the NP Entrance. Please note that parking inside the Park entrance is very limited and drivers who share their vehicles will have priority.
  • Expect to start the hike around 09:15 hours.
  • Hike uphill at a leisurely pace for 1.78 km from an elevation of 391 to 543 metres and reach a junction.
  • See a sign indicating 3 km to the waterfall – in fact it is 3.56 km.
  • Hike most of this distance on a reasonably level track.
  • Approach the waterfall on a steep downward descent entailing some tricky footwork.
  • Rest and enjoy the water and our refreshments.
  • Leave the waterfall area by the track that brought us down and some of us may find the going up easier than going down.
  • Follow the same reasonably level 3 km track back to the junction.
  • Be briefed on the NEW next section of this hike.
  • Hike the first half km on a more or less level narrow track interspersed with small open areas.
  • Visit the Chinese burial monument
  • Descend about 110 metres over the next kilometre and reach a shallow (maybe six inches of fast running water) dyke
  • Use our discretion as to how we cross this metre wide dyke.
  • Hike down for a few more metres before crossing the bridge over a stream and from here on we will be on well made pathways up to the main road.
  • Arrive at the 1269 road where there are nearby stalls selling fruit and vegetables at reasonable prices.
  • Walk down the 1269 for about 300 metres and return to our starting place at the NP Gate.
  • Leave the park in or on our vehicles and go to the Fondcombe Village Resort where some will have left their vehicles.
  • Enjoy refreshments and a pool in the Resort and can also take in the extraordinary architecture.

Hike Leaders

Janet and Brian.

If you want to join

Just turn up at the meeting place on the day. There is no need to let us know you are coming.

Meeting Place

This time we will meet at 08:30 hours at the Fondcombe Village Resort.

  • From the Phucombe Junction of the Canal Road and Huay Kaew Road (121/1004) drive/ride south for c. 9.3 km
  • At the junction of the Canal Road (121) and the Samoeng Road (1269) turn right and go west.
  • The Fondcombe Village Resort will be on the right hand side after about 3 km

Alternatively please see the Fondcombe Village Resort web site or the map below (click to enlarge it).

Fondcombe Village Resort Map

Fondcombe Village Resort Map


Bring :

  • around 1.5-2 liters of water or more and snacks
  • good footwear, swimwear etc. hat, mozzie repellant and sunblock
  • lots of energy, enthusiasm and good humour