Sign at the summit of Doi Pui

Sign at the summit of Doi Pui

This hike will have many of the characteristics that I enjoy on our other ‘roller coaster hike’ the 3 peaks hike behind Doi Langka Luang. We will be walking along mountain ridges and enjoy some of the best views of the Pui Suthep National Park. It will also be a tough hike even for those who are quite fit. A good level of physical fitness is required. There is another easier hike on the same day.

My plan is to park at the foot of the path that runs up to the peak of Doi Pui from near Baan Khun Chang Kian, the Hmong Village. We will walk up the steep mountain ridge to the peak of Doi Pui and then back down the back of Doi Pui and on to the Buddha’s foot print ridge. We will stop here for some lunch or brunch. Then we will head back the way we have come, up the steep path at the back of Doi Pui and back down the front of Doi Pui back to our vehicles.

More details

We will be up above 1300 m walking up to the peak of Doi Pui that is 1685 m above sea level. I found out the other day that there is a physical law that says there is a 0.69 Degree Celsius drop in temperature for every 100 m higher up you are because of a drop in air pressure. So this means that up where we will be hiking will be 6.9 degrees to 9.66 degree celsius cooler than down in the city which is at 300m. It will feel cool at first if you are wearing a t-shirt and shorts but we will soon warm up when we immediately start walking up the first steep section! When we stop for lunch we hopefully will be out in the sun so won’t be too cold.

I went up to this area a few days ago and neither me or my dog picked up any leaches, normally if there are any leaches at all then Athit will get one on his legs or underbelly. I suspect there would have been quite a lot of leaches a few weeks ago but they seemed to have pretty much all cleared up with the dryer weather.

This will be a 10 km hike. We will climb in total 986 meters, which is about the same as the 3 peaks hike, but it will be spread over a longer distance, so will be slightly easier than that hike.

It will take us around an hour to drive up to the hike start and an hour down. We will be walking for 4-5 hours and have a 30 minute lunch break. So we should be back at the arboretum at around 4:30 pm.

Meeting Place

We will meet at the arboretum as usual at 8 a.m.

The aboretum (otherwise known as Suan Luukachaat Huay Kaeow or Huay Kaeow Excercise park) is out along Huay Kaeow Rd.

  • From the moat driving out along Huay Kaeow Rd you will immediately pass Kad Suan Kaeow shopping mall on the left.
  • Go straight on through the first big intersection Amari Rincombe intersection.
  • Go straight on further past the Phucombe intersection (you will see a dunkin doughnut on the corner).
  • Go past the front entrance to Chiang Mai University.
  • After less the a kilometer you will see a small park on your left. This is the arboretum.
  • We meet at the car park just after the arboretum, well before Chiang Mai Zoo. It is a small car park, at the back there are some food stalls, away from the road. We meet about 10 meters in from the road.

See the maps below (click to enlarge them).


  • Good footwear etc. hat, sun cream and rain gear just in case
  • Bring around 2-3 liters of water or more, food and snacks to eat during the walk

Travel Arrangements

We will car share to the start of the hike. I hope we have enough places in cars. But if you bring your motorbike and you are willing to drive up to the start of the hike please come along with a full tank of fuel and you can follow us up on your bike. If there are still not enough places in or on vehicles then we can hire a songtaew and split the costs.