We hike up Khun Tan Mountain and stay overnight in the mission cabins at Yaw 3. This is not a difficult hike, about 8 km. mostly on forested path with a few steep climbs, and should take no more 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. to reach the cabins. We will return on the afternoon train on Sunday which is scheduled to reach Khun Tan about 1:30pm, but is usually late, so don’t count on being back in Chiang Mai before 5pm, though it may be earlier.

An alternative route up to the cabins via a waterfall may be offered from the park headquarters if the trail is in good condition according to park officials.  This is a longer trail through bamboo forests, crossing several ravines on bridges, and after passing the waterfall a steep climb back up to the main trail. (There will be no coercion to choose this option.)

You must register with me, your hike leader, for this hike by Monday 14th November as I need to give Payap numbers: janetkgreenleaf@hotmail.com or call me at 087-1808040.

We must have an early start, meeting at Chiang Mai train station at 6:15am. The rail ticket is 15 baht each way and the ride takes about 1 3/4 hr. We will be met at the Khun Tan train station by a porter who can take our packs up by motorbike for a charge of 10 baht/kg.  Bring identification if you are resident or have a retirement visa, as then you will pay the Thai rate of 20 baht fee for the national park; otherwise be prepared to pay 100 baht. The charge for the cabin, which includes bedding and cooking gas, is 100 baht per person, payable at the cabins.

Bring drinking water, a flashlight, warm clothing for the evening, and your own breakfast for Sunday morning. Cooking facilities, filtered water, and utensils are supplied with the cabins. There is a restaurant at the park headquarters where we can either eat, or purchase a noon meal and snacks to carry up.

We will :

  • hike up from the Khun Tan train stations to the NP entrance
  • pay 100 bt or 20 bt Park entrance according to our status
  • pay 100 bt for the bed on reaching the cabins
  • enjoy Saturday evening meal organised by Janet

Pics from a Previous Hike to This Area

Hike Leaders

Janet and Brian.

If you want to join

Registration with Janet in advance by Monday 14th November is essential.

Meeting Place

This time we will meet at 6:15 a.m at the Chiang Mai Railway Station.

  • The rail fare is 15 bt
  • Station Vehicle Park: 120 per day for Car; 60 bt per day for Motorcycle
  • Please arrive at CM Train Station by 06:15 to allow time to buy the ticket before the train is scheduled to leave at 06:45


Bring :

  • around 1.5-2 liters of water or more, snacks and breakfast for Monday morning.
  • secure plastic containers for your food and snacks else it may be eaten by overnight marauders
  • good footwear etc. hat, mozzie repellant and sunblock
  • flashlight, warm clothing for the evening and overnight toilet essentials
  • lots of energy