21 of us set off from the Ob Khan NP Visitor on a lovely sunny morning, among them several new faces. Two more new hikers joined us and caught up with the main group after we set off up the wide track through the forest east of the visitor centre. This was a new hiking route that followed one of the original tracks going north and then west through the forest with plenty of shade. There were sections that were not quite straightforward as nature had wreaked havoc in several places where the trail was blocked by fallen trees or overgrowth or had just been obliterated by landslips. The group overcame all obstacles by resourcefulness and ingenuity, by crawling on all fours or sliding down small steep sections.

After the forest trail we reached the river (Mae Nam Khan) where parts of the traditional trail had been undermined by the rainy season and we had to go down to the river bed and then up again. We found a pleasant spot by the river for a snack break and where one of our number was brave enough to enter the water and cross and re cross the river several times. At this break stop one couple had to hurry home and so 21 of us continued alongside the spectacular river and back to the Visitor Centre, facilities and restaurant. We had hiked a mere 4.25 km.

The Restaurant was open so fourteen of the group enjoyed lunch and refreshments.

There was no fee to enter, nor were we required to sign in, for Ob Khan National Park. Access to and from the park was tricky as there was a lot of repairs in progress to restore the road following numerous landslips that had occurred during the rainy season.

Our thanks to Janet for leading this hike and to Maggie and John for helping keep the group together and to Poppy for assisting with clearing the trails in preparation for this new hike..

Hike Pics