We had a very pleasant sedately paced group hike today. 25 of us met at 8 a.m. this morning at the arboretum and did this hike. We walked right from the arboretum, we started a little late at around 8:20 a.m. and walked up to Chang Kian Waterfall through the out skirts of Chang Kian. We were a good spirited crowd with many new comers as well as many of the usual suspects. We did not cross the stream as we normally do as there was too much water in the stream to easily get across in both the places we normally cross – both before the waterfall and at the falls themselves. Our fearless leader tried to get across the stream following another member of the group to find a place to sit while we had a break at the falls but promptly fell on his butt instead.

We came back through the Huay Kaeow waterfall as planned, stopping for coffee at the traditional Thai coffee stall at Wang Bua Baan.

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Pics of the Excursion