Am just back from another great hike up Doi Langka Noi.

We left a little later this morning, leaving at around 8:40 am from the train station. At times the weather was hot and sunny and at other times it looked like it would pour with rain but mostly it was an overcast relatively cool day, perfect weather for hiking. 6 of us did this rather demanding hike, all the way to the top of Doi Langka Noi. Along the way we did some GPS training, sweated profusely, several of us fell on our butts, we admired the wonderful scenery on this side of town and managed as usual to cover a vast array of conversational topics.

We did encounter a couple of leeches and some ticks and the paths were a little slippery and overgrown at this time of year but the trip was still very enjoyable, the challenges of the trail added to our appreciation of the wonderful views of almost pristine forest as far as we could see at the top of Doi Langka Noi.

It took us 2 hours 40 minutes to walk the 3.2, very steep, kilometers to the top. On previous trips our times have varied between 2 hours 10 minutes and 3 hours so today’s time was quite fast. We spent a relaxed 54 minutes on the top. It then took us another 1 hour 50 minutes to walk back down to the cars.

On the way back we sojourned briefly at a very nice coffee shop were we supped on coffee mocha shakes for only 40 B each before making the rest of the journey back to the center of Chiang Mai.