This was a good, moderate hike done by 13 of us.  We took one car and a song tao up to the Khun Chang Khian check point, walked up the dirt road and on up the path to the top of Doi Pui, encountering a number of leeches on the way.  As we continued on down the north face of Doi Pui there were no leeches, something we have noticed each time we do this.  The view was all hidden by clouds, but there were beautiful yellow lilies in bloom and the air cool and comfortable.  All took the steep descent in good humor and the group stayed pretty close together.  We had a few short-timers who were glad for the opportunity to hike.  We stopped at Ban Khun Chang Khian for those who had not been there to have a look around and were still at the coffee shop in good time.  Some persimmons were beginning to ripen on the trees there, and should be ready to pick in mid-Aug.  After our lunch break with good mountain coffee, we continued back to the check point, completing the hike in just under 4 hours.

Pics from Hike