Sign at the summit of Doi Pui

Sign at the summit of Doi Pui

This will be a moderate hike with one steep downhill, estimated at 11-12 km. long and taking approzimately 4 1/2 hours. We will walk on the dirt track up Doi Pui and then descend the north-face trail. There are some beautiful views along this trail, and we will stop at the CMU coffee shop, using that as our lunch stop. Then we will return to the check point along the road.


Meet at the arboretum for an 8:15 start. If there are enough vehicles we will car pool to the starting point, otherwise hire a red song tao.


Be prepared to pay a driver either way, approximately 100 baht, depending on numbers of hikers. Bring water, insect repellent, lunch and 30 baht for coffee too.

Leaders: Paul and Janet