Nine of us plus one dog showed up at the Arboretum and left at 8:15 in 2 cars plus one motorbike for Ban Doi Pui. Due to a failure of communication the motorbike rider was left behind, and so missed the hike. We much regret this mistake and will try to avoid a recurrence.

Instead of driving all the way down to the village, we took the turn-off toward Ban Khun Chang Khian, and then turned down the paved lane to Wat Doi Pui, where we parked and walked down the long flight of steps to the village. We feel this was easier on the cars.

The rest of the hike went as planned, covering 11+ km. and an elevation gain of perhaps 700 meters in 4 hours. The weather was excellent and. There were some beautiful orange flowers were in full bloom along the way.

We encountered a number of leeches on the trail where we turned uphill toward Doi Pui, but no screams of fright or horror were heard. We seem to have learned how to get rid of them, though learned later of 3 which had attached – one of which was in a most unfortunate place!

Pics From This Week’s Hike