There were nine of us on this beautiful 12.6 km hike. The gods were smiling on us and there was no rain though the streams were full of water, it was a little slippery in parts, and we did encounter a few leeches. In fact the sun was shining but most of the hike was under the tree canopy so the hiking was very comfortable indeed.

En route we encountered a very large tree that had carelessly fallen across our path, but fortunately we managed to battle our way through the foliage. There were numerous mushrooms of varying hues and sizes which proved to be very photogenic but a little more suspect in the gastronomic arena! The biggest butterfly ever – yellow and black – hovered overhead, but sadly the lychees were not yet ripe enough to eat……

We took our usual breakfast break at the five way junction, with the added pleasure of some delicious chocolate birthday cake for everyone, before starting off on the return journey. Soon after the junction, we turned off onto a delightful but hardly used path that took us almost all the way back to the road. Happily we were waylaid by the ice cream truck when we crossed the main road, before starting the final descent to the arboretum.

Pics from the Hike

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GPS Stuff

GPX file for path from Wat Doi Suthep to Arb via 5 way junction.