There were eight of us on this beautiful 11km hike and for most of the group it was a completely new experience. Unfortunately the second car missed the turning where the hike was due to start but the occupants quickly realized their mistake and we all set off in good spirits at around 9.30am.

It had rained heavily the previous evening and even shortly before we started the hike so the ground was wet underfoot, but the clouds soon lifted and we had superb weather throughout the hike. We passed fields cultivated with a wide variety of salads and other vegetables, before negotiating some four bar bamboo gates into the forest and the hike route proper. The path was not always well defined but thanks to our GPS we were back soon on the path.

Not surprisingly we had to cross several streams flowing at varying degrees of capacity, and the muddy environs proved to be somewhat glutinous, so some hiking boots looked quite muddy as well. But luckily soon after, we were able to wash them in a small, clear stream. The hiking was delightful and the views over the valleys were excellent. Despite the heavy rain we were also lucky that no leeches were around, except one which tried to be a friend of Dorothy ….

The lunch break was most welcome and then we began to climb the second gradient that constituted the return journey on a well defined agricultural road. Near the end of this road we met a non poisonous green whip-snake crossing our way, making the last part of the hike a bit adventurous too.

Pics from the Hike