16 of us set off from the Arboretum on a beautiful sunny morning, among them several new faces. One more group member joined us en route on Highway 121 so a total of 17 hikers arrived at Ob Khan National Park. There was no entry fee to pay and on arrival we could already see stall holders setting up for the very last day of the Songkran festivities.

We set off from the visitor centre following the park Nature Trail which mainly follows the course of the Mae Nam Khan upstream. The river is passing through a series of gorges with quite spectacular rock formations. The walking was fun and quite varied, from well marked paths, ambling across riverside boulders to scrambling along the hillside. Lunch was had in a shady spot and several hikers decided to have a refreshing swim – one taking his wallet & mobile phone along too.

On the return we joined the Nature Trail again and took a wide track through the forest back to the visitor centre. We had walked a total of just 5.5 km. But it was past midday and it had gotten quite hot by then so we were very grateful for the ice cold drinks on offer. By now, the visitor centre area had become very busy with lots of local people splashing in the water & enjoying themselves. Sadly, the restaurant was closed so we said our good-byes in the car park after a most agreeable morning – for some it was even “the best hike ever yet”

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