Fourteen hikers, including some new faces, managed to squeeze into the songtao at the Arboretum and one elected to drive up on his motorcycle. Having enjoyed our customary coffee and biscuits at the CMU Coffee Shop, we set off in high spirits.

Most of the hike was on the downward gradient and fortunately the overnight rain had not left the ground excessively wet. We stopped at the Five Way point for our mid morning break and our motorcyclist began the climb back the way we had come, to retrieve his motorcycle and return home.

At the Monthaton turnoff the descent became steeper and a little more challenging in terms of fallen trees and debris across the path but the weather was excellent, and we were rewarded by the sight of the waterfall and the opportunity to soak hot feet in the cool water.

Arriving back at the entrance to the National Park, some of our more energetic members decided to continue the walk down to the Arboretum whilst the rest flagged down a songtao. What better way to celebrate the Pre-Songkran Madness?

Original Hike Description

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GPS Tracks

Here is the GPS trail for this ‘Coffee Shop Monthaton Walk’.

Pics of Our Walk