We will take around 50 minutes to drive up to the start of a path up to the peak of Doi Pui that follows a ridge line with good views. We will walk at a medium pace up to the peak of Doi Pui. The ascent to the peak is quite challenging so a good level of fitness is required. After we reach the peak of Doi Pui, we will go back the same way we came enjoying the same good views and cool breezes from a different direction.

For those interested there will be GPS training available if you are interested in learning to use the GPS to lead hikes.

We will meet at the arboretum at 8:30 am……

It is 2.18 km to the peak and a total of 351m climb in altitude from 1357m at the start of the trail to 1671m at the peak. But I think many members of the hiking group would find this hard going and it is very steep compared to most of the Sunday hikes lately.

Map for the Arboretum

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