This will be a 12,6 km hike starting from Doi Suthep, walking upstairs to the National Park shop and guesthouses. From there we will walk along a well defined way up to the 5 way junction where we will have our breakfast/lunch break ….

We will start at Doi Suthep at an altitude level of about 1025 m and will walk short ups and downs towards the 5 way junction over a distance of about 5,6 km reaching an altitude of about 1175 m.

This will be not an easy hike as due to current rain in the mountains some parts are slippery and fallen tree will cause either climbing over or crawling under them. However looking to other hikes we have done it is also not a difficult one.

After having our break at 5 ways junction (nearly at the half of the hike) we will walk downwards only. Passing for about 1,5 km of lychee and peach tree orchards, followed by a lovely walk on a very small (sometimes hardly visible) path typically used by the hilltribe people or animals.

The final part includes some tricky steps due to loose stones and fallen leaves.

Towards the end of the hike we will cross the 1004 street (CNX to Doi Suthep) and will be walking downwards passing Wang Bua Bann and Huay Gaeow waterfalls.

Pending on the group size we expect that we will need around 5 to 5,5 hours before ending at the Arboretum.


Bring around 1.5-2 liters of water or more and snacks. Good footwear etc. hat, mozzie repellant, sunblock and rain gear. If by chance it is raining heavily we will probably cancel the hike. But in the case of lighter rain and it looks like the weather might clear up we will probably go ahead with the hike and brave the rain which will at least cool us down.

Meeting Point

Usual meeting point at Arboretum

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Meeting Time

8:00 am


Since we gonna start the hike at Doi Suthep walking down to Arboretum, we will use songthaeows for driving up. Pending on the number of hikers, the cost will be at about 40 THB/person up to 60 THB/person with a smaller group.

Drink / Food

Bring enough water and food for a breakfast break in the middle of the hike.

GPS Stuff

We have attached a GPX file of the trail for this hike, below you can see a screen shot from Google Earth showing the trail superimposed on satellite imagery.

Trail starting at Wat Doi Suthep and Going Down to Arboretum