Waterfall at Huay Tueng Tao

Waterfall at Huay Tueng Tao

We shall follow the stream at huay tung tao from the car park by the weir upto the waterfall which is very pretty. This will be a sedate and fairly short ‘there and back’ hike. There is an alternative longer tougher hike. This easier hike will take around three and a half hours hours, climbing steadily through shaded woodland until we reach the waterfall where we will spend time for our traditional breakffast/lunch stop before returning to the carpark. This will present the opportunity for anyone who wishes to continue onto the lake for a swim and/or further refreshments at their favorite haunt.

This will be a short (5km) sedately paced hike on rising ground beside a stream, the trail is well defined.
With any luck the recent rains should be evident in the waterfall.


Bring around 1.5-2 liters of water or more and snacks. Good footwear etc. hat, mozzie repellant, sunblock and rain gear. If by chance it is raining heavily we will probably cancel the hike. But in the case of lighter rain and it looks like the weather might clear up we will probably go ahead with the hike and brave the rain which will at least cool us down. The entrance fee to huay tung tao is 20 bhat payable at the entrance. Additional funds will obviously be required if you have the inclination and transport to stay on once the hike is completed.

Meeting Point

Usual meeting point at Arboretum

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Google Earth Screen Shot of 2011-04-24 Dtaat Mook Waterfall Walk[/caption]
You can download the gpx track from here.