Someone asked me about which of the military maps were of particular interest to hikers in CM. So I have put together a list of ones that cover trails that we know about around CM.

Some of you may know of other areas in the North of Thailand or other parts of Thailand that particularly warrant exploration. If so please leave a comment below, we would be very interested to here from you.

Some of these maps may still be available at DK Books in Chiang Mai. Unfortunately the main CM one, 4746 I, is sold out and it does not sound like DK will be ordering more copies. You can order them from the Royal Thai Survey Department in BKK. The phone no for ordering maps from BKK is here on our web site in our previous article about the military maps. These maps are all in the L7018S series they are rolled maps, some of the L7017 older folded maps may still be available at DK Books but the L7018 series are a little more up to date and accurate.

I have heard that the country was resurveyed to produce these new maps because of personal interest by the King who is keen on maps and who wondered why the maps that were available were based on data from a survey that was so long ago.

Here are the maps I think are of particular interest :

  • 4746 I Chiang Mai – covers nearly all the hikes that the hiking group does. 4746 II covers Ob Khan National Park and III and IV cover other mostly forested areas around CM which have potential for finding trails although they are a little further afield.
  • 4846 I and 4847 II Covers the trails at the front and back of Doi Langka Luang the 6th highest mountain in Thailand. 4846 I also covers the trails around Mae Kampong (flight of the gibbons area) and the as yet unexplored by the hiking group trails developed around Pang Sung Lodge.
  • 4846 III covers the area that Andrew recently guided us around near his house the Huay Lan Watershed hike.
  • 4747 I covers Doi Chiang Dao and surrounds.
  • 4849 III covers Doi Pah Hom Bok the 2nd highest mountain in Thailand. There is a short trail to the top of this mountain. It is easy to do and well marked and doesn’t really require a map.
  • 4646 II covers the trail up the back of Doi Inthanon.

This Google Earth overlay of the military map index displays in Google Earth and shows you the area that every single one of the military maps covers. So you can easily search for a particular area on Google Earth and turn on the index map overlay and see which military map you need. The ones in red may not be available for sale to the public because they are militarily sensitive areas but you should check this as the index is a little out of date.