There were nine hikers on this very agreeable circular route of some 8.7 kilometres around the village. It was quite cool when we arrived at the village so we were delighted to find a coffee shop open for business and selling excellent local coffee. Thus fortified, we set off in very pleasant temperatures, along well marked paths and a downward gradient.

The lychee orchards are already showing evidence of a bountiful harvest of fruit yet to come, and afforded us a shady spot for a brief rest. But as all hikers know, downs are invariably followed by ups and it was a modest upward climb to our lunch spot at the five way junction.

Returning to the village, the coffee shop owner was overwhelmed by so much custom in one day but she did not let us down, and after a brief delay occasioned by the hike leader getting his ignition key stuck in the car door lock, we returned to the arboretum.

An excellent day was had by all!