There were twenty eight of us on this hike, including several new faces. Our leader explained that some parts of this circular route had been hiked many times before but some parts were not as well known, so it would be necessary to check the GPS from time to time. In the event, we wandered only slightly off track on two occasions and were then just a little unsure of our direction when we got back onto it. However, it was an excellent learning experience for all of us as we pooled our various GPS readings and reached a consensus about which way to go!

The hike included some modest inclines and one fairly steep descent, but for the most part it was easy hiking, along well shaded and verdant paths that reflected the benefits of the recent rains. Our lunch spot was delightful: there was good conversation and even some sunbathing……

Unfortunately one of our members sustained a flesh wound to his eyelid on the return journey but we had the necessary sterile dressing etc for immediate first aid. He was confident that there had been no damage to his eye but promised faithfully to get it checked out.

Altogether we walked 11.1 km

written by co-leader Dorothy

Photos taken on the hike

Thanks to John Hother for these pics.