We had a wonderful group of 18 hikers, including some new faces, and there was much good conversation and laughter along the way.

Our first stop was the coffee shop – always a popular start to any hike – and thus fortified we continued on. By majority vote, we bypassed the village (Ban Khun Chang Khian) and began the upward climb. As we approached the ridge the upward gradient did become quite challenging but the views over the valley were breathtaking (no pun intended!). It was generally agreed that the climb up was probably a lot safer than attempting to climb down because the pine needles can be quite treacherous.

We ate a leisurely picnic lunch in the same spot as last week before beginning on the gently downward path back to the camp site. Having reached our transport, it was clear that no one was in a hurry to get home and the conversation continued until, with some reluctance, we bade each other farewell. We had hiked 7.82 km and recorded an elapsed time of 4h 15m.

Here is a gpx track of the trail we followed. and here is the original hike description describing the route in more detail.

Pics From This Hike