This hike was a variation on a theme: a 14 km hike round HTT but with a difference!

Brian and Dorothy were co-leaders for a group of 13 hikers. We started from the usual parking spot next to the dam in the 700 Year Stadium but immediately took a gently climbing path behind the picnic area which subsequently afforded us excellent views of the city but sadly, also of the excavation and building works currently taking place north of the dam.

The path varied from gentle ascent to flat and the occasional downward stretch so there was plenty of time to catch our breath and enjoy the autumnal feel of crunching through the big teak leaves on the ground.

We stopped for a brief break at the waterfall – a bit of a misnomer at this time of the year because the water was really just a trickle – before walking with extreme care, across the water course. Mossy rocks can be treacherous, even in the dry season!

The descent back down to the main path from the stadium to the lake also had to be tackled with some caution on account of the loose stones and scree but we all arrived safely and proceeded to have an excellent lunch by the lake.

The walk back to the parking area comprised a new route that had been previously mapped by Brian. Unfortunately the excavation and building works referred to above, have intruded upon the original paths so this was a brand new experience. The new route was often quite exposed and very hot but we finished the hike with a beautiful view of the water as we walked back across the dam.

Here is a gpx file showing the route the group took.