This wil be about an 8 km. hike, mostly downhill, and sedately paced. There is a fast paced tough hike on the same day. Meeting at the arboretum at 8am, we will take a songtao up to Wat Pratat Doi Suthep and follow the trail from behind the steps to the Montathan turn-off and from there down to the waterfall, probably stopping to eat a pack lunch along the way. From there we will walk out to the road and catch a songtao back down to the arboretum. Bring water, lunch, and money for the songtao rides plus some extra in case we have to pay the park fee as we leave. Probably 100 baht altogether should cover it.

Hike Leader


If you want to join

Just turn up at the meeting place on the day. There is no need to let us know you are coming unless you are coming in a big group.

Meeting Place

This time we will meet at 8 a.m in the car park of the Huay Kaeow Arboretum (also known as the exercise park).

  • Head straight out from the moat 3.5 km towards Doi Suthep on Huay Kaeow Road.
  • The arboretum is on the left after the front entrance to Chiang Mai University and just before the entrance to the Zoo.
  • The car park of the arboretum is at the end of the park near the zoo.

See the maps below (click to enlarge them).


Bring :

  • around 1.5-2 liters of water or more and snacks
  • good footwear etc. hat, mozzie repellant and sunblock