Fifteen of us set out from the Arboretum including Jean a visiting French hiker. We were accompanied by a Dalmatian dog that stayed with us all the way up. The trail was in much the same condition as on previous hikes. The narrow log traversing a two metres plus gully was the usual challenge for some of us. The well defined trail from the start of the Phalad Nature Trail was mainly in forest. We paused for awhile at the Phalad Temple for rest and refreshments and photo opportunities. The scramble up to the road from Phalad Temple is not much improved and still deserves Oliver Hargreave’s description. On the other side of the highway the earthen steps are still usable and helpful in getting us up the steep incline. This last uphill section through the shade of the forest saw us rise 300 metres over 1.5 km and was the most challenging part of the hike.

We found our usual restaurant in the Temple area closed and went to another where the staff of two was quite overwhelmed by us fifteen and so lunch took a little longer than anticipated. After lunch three of the group left for the trip back down by Song Taew and Jean went up to visit the Temple before re-joining the group at the Phalad Temple. There were the inevitable slip and slides on the way down but no injuries. We returned through the grounds of Wat Fai Hin and arrived back at the Arboretum after an elapsed time of 7 hours and 29 minutes. It was a leisurely enjoyable hike – in all a Great Day Out.
written by Brian

Watch this space for photos. I will publish them when they come in.