The service of two hikes on the same day, brought us with a varied company by the Huay Tung Tao Lake for an easy walk up to the Tard Mork Waterfall.

There was Brian, our leader; Andy, also a “Hash” runner; Linda, the Thai lady from Chiang Mai; two lovely girls, Ishani and Indai, 2 and 4 years young (!) with their mother, Heither and Ans.

The forest trail brought us to a river bed; we crossed it and followed the way up along the stream; a good path, sometimes slippery rocks through a mostly moist forest. Banana trees at the base; and above us the water is really falling!! Time to enjoy, after a 3.3 km. climb, which we did in 1 hour and 45 min., the freshness and sound of falling water, some flowering shrubs and our snacks. Down on the same trail until we can use the bamboo bridge to pass over the stream. Away from the water, we went down in the forest, which is dry with other vegetation: mostly deciduous trees and grass. On a fork junction, Brian chooses to try the trail on the right hand side to go further down. This trail, following the little irrigation canals, was still marked from a last Hash run, so easy to find. From here we had several very nice views over Huay Tung Tao lake and the area of Mae Rim/Mae Jo!!

A descent of 3.9 km in 1 hour an 37 minutes brought us back to where we started the walk. And the “high five” was for the 2 youngsters.
Reported by Ans

Pics from the Hike