3 Song Taews took 35 of us from the Arboretum up to the Camp Site which is at an altitude of 1,500 metres. From there we walked down the fairly busy road to the Coffee Shop (at 1,333 metres) where we rested and some took photos of the blossom. We passed through the edge of Ban Khun Chang Khian where Janet arrived on the back of a scooter to make our number 36. The gentle slope down along a well defined track and mainly in the shade brought us to “Five Ways”. Here, at 1,171 metres, we had our lunches in the wide open space and a short break. From “Five Ways” we took the narrower track and after 5.5 kms reached the Temple. On the way down we remarked on the lack of maintenance of a small, but necessary, foot bridge and the obstruction of the footway by fallen trees. This was a pleasant hike and we covered 12.7 kms. Thanks to Joe & Maria for making this hike possible.