22 of us assembled at around 08:00 hours on Sunday 5th December 2010 and set off across the dam at about 08:20 hours. We followed a new track of 1.84 kms that reached the “triangle” junction from where we used the better known track over to Huay Tung Tao. We reached the reservoir at 09:40, agreed it was too early for lunch and proceeded round the reservoir to our favourite restaurant. We arrived there at 10:20 and had a choice of all the available seats. Some opted for the lakeside “Thai style” floor seats and others the more comfortable polished timber tables and benches. After a relaxing break we resumed the track round the reservoir and returned to the Stadium by the same track as our outward journey. We walked a mixture of pleasant shaded forest paths and the more open trails around HTT and over the home dam.

My GPS recorded the trail to and from HTT as 8.66 kms plus the circuit of the reservoir 4.34 kms making a total of exactly 13 kms. The altitude of the track varied from 320 metres to 363 metres.

Brian Prior – Walk leader