We had 22 people turn up for the Khun Tan hike, and managed to squeeze into 5 cars for the 75 km. drive to the starting point, Yaw. 1 on the mountain. As we entered the park, those who had a Thai driver’s license paid only 20 baht and others paid either 50 or 100 baht, depending on thier bargaining skills. The weather was cool and overcast, but we still managed to work up some sweat, as all 22 of us walked the 4 km. to the lunch spot on Yaw. 3. We arrived well before noon, and after a leisurely lunch, 19 of us continued on up to the summit, one more km. Unfortunately there was no view due to the clouds.

All in all it was an enjoyable hike, mostly a gentle climb through shaded forest, accompanied by bird song.

Pictures of the hike