This hike is one of two hikes on the same day, this is the more difficult one, we also have an easier one to Dtaat Mook Waterfall near Huay Tung Thao on the same day.

This hike has been rescheduled. It was going to be on the 23rd of January 2010. But our hike leader for this week, Carole, is receiving an award from the governor of Chiang Mai on the evening of the 22nd and doesn’t feel she will be on form to lead a hike on the 23rd. So we have moved it back a week for her to the 30th.

This will be a steep hike ascending from 1177m to 1737m, a total ascent of 560m in 3.12 km. The path is quite narrow at times with a steep drop off to one side and there is tall grass and plants crowding the path. There is also a quite scary very steep last 100 m of the path before the peak that switches back and forth up the side of the mountain between rocks we will have to be very careful here and this section of the trail is unsuitable for anyone with vertigo or balance problems. This time people who do not want to do the last scary section of the hike will have the option to wait at a clearing a few 100 meters before the peak. However, a good level of fitness is also required for this hike.

The views from the route up to the peak which follows a ridge of the mountain and the view from the peak are spectacular! We will walk up to the peak and then come back down the same way a total distance of more than 6km. I expect it will take us around 3 hours to get up there and 2.5 hours down and we will hang out on the plateau at the top, have a nice lunch and explore for around an hour. So this will be a 6.5 hour trip.

I really love this area which I have been exploring a lot over the last few weeks since I discovered it. We will be able to see in the distance 2044 m Doi Langka Luang, the big daddy of Doi Langka Noi which is around the 6th highest peak in Thailand.

Exploratory Trips to This Area

Feel free to check out my reports on exploratory trips to this area :

Video Taken on the Peak of Doi Langka Noi.

Last time I was up at this peak I shot some video which you can see below.

Screen shot in Google Earth the Track We Will Follow to Ascend Doi Langka (Noi)

The screen shot shows our intended route. As well as the 1740m mountain we ascend there will be mountain peaks on either side of us of comparable size which also form part of ridges that wend there way up to the main peak Doi Langka Luang, a 2044 m peak.

You can download the Google Earth track of a previous exploratory trip which includes our return car trip, on that occasion, from near the arboretum and pics we took along the way pinned to the right place on the map here (click on the pic thumbnails to enlarge them and you can turn off the display of the thumbnails using the check boxes in your My Places menu)and the gpx track here.

The Way Up

We will get onto one of the ridges of the mountain range and follow it all the way up to the Doi Langka Noi peak. It will take around 3 hours, moving quite quickly up a very steep track. We will start at 1177 m above sea level and walked 3.12 km ascending to 1737 m above sea level, a total ascent of 560 m.

The pics below show us struggling upwards on our exploratory trip. Note my shirt, absolutely soaked in sweat. The weather should be a little cooler this time.

Almost there…. Near the peak.

Just before the peak there is a part of the trail that looks terrifying, suddenly the trail seems to go straight upwards. Luckily on closer inspection we found the trail wended it’s way switching back and forth up the side of a very steep part of the mountain so that the climb was not really that tricky at all and pretty safe. It is quite scary though. If people are really freaked out by it they can wait at the bottom or head back down but this would be a pity as this is the last section before the peak.

As well as the 1734 m peak in front of us, there will be several circa 1800 m peaks to either side of us.

Near the peak we will literally be walking along the dividing line between the Lampang and Chiang Mai prefectures. The border follows the ridge of the mountain just like we will be doing. Doi Langka (Luang) ahead is very close to where the borders of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Lampang meet.

Pics below are taken just before we reached the peak on our exploratory trip.

On the Top and Beyond

Once we get to the top we will chill out and have lunch and people can explore the plateau at the top a little we will all meet up after an hour for the trip back down. The peak of Doi Langka Noi is a big open plateau with a couple of Thai flags left there and a golden stupa.

You can see various paths we followed marked on the trail we recorded. There were several paths on the peak. There are two well defined path that went onwards and upwards in a NW direction that wend around along the mountain ridges and reach Doi Langka Luang.

Pics of the top are shown below.

The Way Back Down

We will come back the same we went up.

Pics below.

If you want to join

Just turn up at the meeting place on the day. There is no need to let us know you are coming unless you are coming in a big group.

Meeting Place

Chiang Mai Railway Sation Main Entrance

Chiang Mai Railway Sation Main Entrance

This time we will meet at 7:30 a.m sharp at the main entrance of Chiang Mai Railway Station (pictured above).

  • Head out to Nawarat Bridge.
  • Cross the birdge and keep going out on Charoen Mueang Rd.
  • The Railway Station is on the right after 1.9 km.
  • Enter the railway station and meet us at the main entrance to the station itself. It is better to park outside as there is a charge for parking after 20 minutes in the car park.

See the map below (click to enlarge it).

Map of the Location of the Railway Station  (click to enlarge)

Map of the Location of the Railway Station (click to enlarge)

Hike Leader



Transportation from the meeting point

We will share cars to drive out to Baan Mae Dtoon Luang. It is 49.8km from the Railway Station and will take a little more than one hour to drive out there. For those who do not have a car there are normally just enough spaces in cars to fit everybody in. We do this all the time and there have always been enough spare places. If there are not we can arrange transportation by songtaew. We would suggest a 150 B donation towards petrol for a lift there and back for the 49.5 km journey, if sharing a car.


  • Bring around 2-3 liters of water or more, some kind of lunch and snacks
  • Good footwear etc. hat, mozzie repellant and sunblock
  • Long trousers or some kind of protection to cover your legs from the plants and grass that crowd the path are also recommended for this hike.

If by chance it is raining heavily we will probably cancel the hike. But in the case of lighter rain if it looks like the weather might clear up we will probably go ahead with the hike and brave the rain which will at least cool us down.