Join hiking club founder Joe Sanders, returning to Chiang Mai for first time since 2006, on this walk down “memory lane” – to the end of it! This will be about 4 + hours of walking, quite steep at times.

It’s the only hike I’ve ever found where you hike until the trail ends (but not at a summit, it just stops….)

From trail head north of popular Huay Tung Thao lake, hike up steep roadway, going right at upper junction to pass along ridge with nice views towards Chiang Dao, and turn into little used path through lush Lychee Orchard and continue until the trail ends! Bring your refreshments to have at primitive platform hut at end. We will then walk back the way we came.

As with old times, we will have a late lunch afterwards at one of the lakeside restaurants.

Pics of the Chiang Mai Hiking Group 5 Years Ago

These pictures were taken of the hiking group 5 years ago, soon after the group started. They are all taken in the area that we are going to to hike on the 28th but not all from this exact hike.

If you want to join

Just turn up at the meeting place on the day. There is no need to let us know you are coming unless you are coming in a big group.

Meeting Place

This time we will meet at 8 a.m in the car park of the Huay Kaeow Arboretum (also known as the exercise park).

  • Head straight out from the moat 3.5 km towards Doi Suthep on Huay Kaeow Road.
  • The arboretum is on the left after the front entrance to Chiang Mai University and just before the entrance to the Zoo.
  • The car park of the arboretum is at the end of the park near the zoo.

See the maps below (click to enlarge them).


  • Bring around 1.5-2 liters of water or more and snacks
  • Good footwear etc. hat, mozzie repellant, sunblock and rain gear

If by chance it is raining heavily we will probably cancel the hike. But in the case of lighter rain if it looks like the weather might clear up we will probably go ahead with the hike and brave the rain which will at least cool us down.