This special over night trip is now fully booked

A good level of physical fitness is required, the climb up Chiang Dao is the steepest climb we do as a group.

Chiang Dao


Ascent and Descent of ChiangDao - we will go up the grey brown trail starting on the left and come down the purple trail to the right

Ascent and Descent of ChiangDao - we will go up the grey brown trail starting on the left and come down the purple trail to the right

Kurt who will be guiding us for free has shared GPS trails of the lots of trails around Chiang Dao, including the other trails shown on the screen shots above and the trails we will be following, on

We will walk up the back of Chiang Dao from Pang Wua and then come down the back to the DYK substation. Apparently the front trail, climbing up from Chiang Dao cave, is unused and overgrown.

Camping and Food Arrangements

We will camp on the peak the night of the 8th to 9th. Malee’s Nature Bungalow’s are arranging this trip and will provide porters, tents and food for the trip at a very reasonable discounted price of around 1,600 B per person and will guide us to the peak and back down the the mountain for free! If you bring your own camping gear there will be a 250 B discount and there is an extra 180 B discount if you are Thai or you are resident here and you provide a photo copy of your driving license or work permit to Malee’s before hand to go and buy permits.

Option to stay the night before at Malee’s

We recommend staying the night of the 7th at Malee’s, rooms there are a very reasonable 550 – 600 B for a room that can accommodate 2, so only 300 B per person if sharing. Please tell us if you want to stay at Malee’s and do not book directly with them, we are arranging a group booking and buffet dinner. Rooms at Malee’s are filling up fast, so get your booking in quick if you want to be sure to get a room.

We will make an early start from Malee’s on the 8th, leaving at 8 am. If you want to join us for this trip but do not want to stay the night before please arrive at Malee’s at 7:45 am. Unfortunately if you are late we will have to go without you. See Malee’s web site for details of how to Malee’s. It is 75 km to Malee’s and you should figure it takes an hour and a half to drive there from CM.

Booking Required

If you want to come on our trip, whether or not you want to stay at Malee’s the night before, please send an email before the 19th of November to Please state :

  • Details needed for permission to enter park :
    • Full Name
    • Occupation
    • Age
    • Nationality
    • Passport Number or Thai ID Card No.
    • If you are a foreign resident in Thailand you will need to get a copy of your Thai work permit or driver’s license to us in some way in order to have a 180 B discount. Let us know if you intend to bring the copies along to give us on a hike or if you want to email us scanned copies.
  • Whether you want to stay at Malee’s on the 7th, the night before.
  • Whether you will be bringing and carrying your own tent.
  • Please provide a contact telephone number.

What you need to bring with you and carry yourself

  • Suitable footwear – hiking shoes or a good pair of sports shoes
  • back pack
  • around 3 liters of drinks and snacks
  • rain gear in case of rain might be a good idea, although rain is unlikely
  • mosquito repellant and sun cream
  • Warm clothing which you will sleep in, the sleeping bags provided will not be warm enough without it since it will be cold at this time of the year. This is forecast to be one of the coldest winter’s in Thailand for decades
  • toiletries
  • a change of underwear and socks