We will start this walk a little later at 9am, so we don’t need to rush our breakfasts or struggle out of bed too early on a Sunday morning. This will be a short 6 km walk.

Picture of Chang Kian Waterfall

Picture of Chang Kian Waterfall

We will walk :

  • up through Huay Kaeow waterfall
  • and up to nearby Chang Kian waterfall
  • we will stop at the Chang Kian waterfall for some time to have some brunch
  • then back down passing near to the Chang Kian boy scouts camp
  • back down back streets in Chang Kian to Huay Kaeow Rd
  • and back along Huay Kaeow Rd a little way back to the Arboretum.

See the map below.

Chiang Kian circular hike from arboretum

Chiang Kian circular hike from arboretum

Difficulty of this walk

This will be a fairly easy walk although it does involve roughly an hour of uphill walking when we start out. This uphill section is not as tough as the first section of the Galare loop walk and is a little less challenging than the pilgrim’s trail up to Wat Palaad from the beginning of the nature trail.

Here is a comparison of these well known trails :

  • The Palaad Trail from the start of the Palaad Nature Trail (which is near the radio antenna) to Wat Palaad – 278 m altitude gain over 2.4 km. Max slope 26.3 %, average slope 12.8 %.
  • Start of the Galare Loop up from the Galare Restaurant to the sala on the road to Doi Suthep where there is a view point, and some times a coffee van – 342 m altitude gain over 2.14 km. Max slope 33.3%, average slope 16.9%.
  • Start of this loop which I am calling the Chiang Kian Waterfall Loop – 223 m altitude gain over 2.01 km. Max slope 27.8 %, average slope 11.3%.

If you want to join

Just turn up at the meeting place on the day. There is no need to let us know you are coming unless you are coming in a big group.

Meeting Place

We will meet at the arboretum as usual but not at the usual time, this time we will start at 9 am.

The aboretum (otherwise known as Suan Luukachaat Huay Kaeow or Huay Kaeow Excercise park) is out along Huay Kaeow Rd.

  • From the moat driving out along Huay Kaeow Rd you will immediately pass Kad Suan Kaeow shopping mall on the left.
  • Go straight on through the first big intersection Amari Rincombe intersection.
  • Go straight on further past the Phucombe intersection (you will see a dunkin doughnut on the corner).
  • Go past the front entrance to Chiang Mai University.
  • After less the a kilometer you will see a small park on your left. This is the arboretum.
  • We meet at the car park just after the arboretum, well before Chiang Mai Zoo. It is a small car park, at the back there are some food stalls, away from the road. We meet about 10 meters in from the road.

See the maps below (click to enlarge them).


  • Good footwear etc. hat, sun cream and rain gear just in case
  • Bring around 1.5 liters of water or more, food and snacks to eat during the walk

Travel Arrangements

We will start walking right from the arboretum this time. No need for song thaews or car sharing this time and we will have more walking time.

If it rains

If it is raining heavily in the morning we will probably cancel the hike. But in the case of lighter rain if it looks like the weather might clear up we will probably go ahead with the hike and brave the rain which will at least cool us down. If in doubt give me a call on 0873004668. Please don’t call before 7:30 AM.