Went today on a nice trip out of town. We went about 40 km North of Chiang Mai and visited a waterfall called Dtaat Mook waterfall. We hoped to find what looked like a lovely path that ran along besides the river, up into the mountains and ended at a Wat – Wat Si Roi Prabhat which is famous for it’s 4 Buddha foot prints.

We experimented with the video camera on my girlfriends phone, a Nokia E-something, and found it takes remarkably good video. See the video on youtube below. I edited it with Windows Live Movie Maker that came free with Windows 7 and added some captions.

For those on a slow connection, I would suggest starting to play the video and just as it starts to play then press the pause button, then you should be able to watch the whole video after waiting for a few minutes as the video will download while you open a new window and read the rest of your emails or whatever.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Here is a screen shot of the map of the area we went to in Google Earth. Notice the altitude graph starts at the start of the trail ie. on the right side of the screen shown. So the graph runs left to right showing the ascension of the path which actually ascends from right to left.

The white path is the path marked on the old military maps, the purple path is the path we actually found and walked on. The bottom half of the purple path follows the waterfall but the top half is often quite overgrown.

It might be possible to walk up from Baan Lua Ka up to the Wat. We didn’t check out this section of the path which might still exist. I look forward to getting my newer version of the military maps back from being scanned, they will hopefully be more accurate and up to date.

Here is the gps track for our hike through Dtaat Mook waterfall that is a lovely out of the way and very large waterfall in kml (google earth format) and gpx format.