Found this link very interesting. There is a map available of the world that classifies areas according to human impact on them. I am primarily interested in this as it suggests good places to go hiking! The map is available to download and display in Google Earth. See the screen shots of the area around Northern Thailand below. Chiang Mai is the dark red horizontal bar in the center of the image Anthropogenic biome map of Northern Thailand – the first image below. You can see that around us there are several areas denoted ‘Remote Forest’ which means <1 person population per square km. There is a large block like this North of CM. I cannot see any areas in Thailand classified as 'wild' unfortunately.

Interestingly there are very large blocks of ‘Remote Forest’ in Central Thailand according to the maps.

Here are the maps :

and an article about them :

And a comparison between 1700 and the year 2000 :