After we reached the bottom of the waterfall, we hiked uphill in almost all directions except the right one. Jamie went on his own on a longer route and got there at least an hour and a half before us. We were climbing and clambering through rough forest and lost trails. Later, Jamie lost one of his dogs, who stayed more or less with us. And there was a lot of shouting and calling going on between Jamie and me to find each other in the jungle. We almost reached the real top, far above the top of the waterfall, if the others were not too tired of all the uphill hiking. We finally found each other. Of course I had to joke now and then about Paul being a non-leader “leader” etc. GPS can be really helpful, I begin to realize. Had well deserved rest at scenic top of the falls. The ladders looked rather rotten, so was better we did not take that route. After all, it turned out to be a lot longer hike than planned. But we all had loads of fun. And a hell of workout.