Only two of us met at the Arboretum for this hike and as we are motorcyclists we declined the Song Taew offer to take us up to the Temple for 300 bts. Karen and I opted to ride up to the start of the hike near the Temple. We completed the 9kms of forest hike and the ascent of Doi Pui in good time to enjoy lunch at one of the Ban Bhu Bhing restaurants and went from there to look at the viewpoint – there was not much of a view because of the pollution at lowers levels. From the village we walked back down the main road until the Cave Car Park from where we descended by steep steps to the Monk’s cave. A forest trail took us down to a stream from where a short uphill forest hike took us to one of the CMU Gardens and then back on the main road for the few remaining metres of walk down to the Temple. We rested at the Jade Factory & Showroom Coffee Shop and then returned by scooters to the City. In all we covered 14 kms on foot in just under 7 hours including lunch and rest stops.