Five of us set off from the Arboretum in a specially arranged Song Taew for a remote location off the northern loop of the Samoeng Road and after an hour’s drive we disembarked and began the ascent of the ridge that led us via the Buddha’s footprint to the summit of Doi Pha Kha. We had some difficulty in identifying the footprint and had lunch at the adjoining view platform. Leader Jamie offered a free Song Taew trip to whoever identified correctly the footprint. None of us succeeded! A little further on and we were at the summit of Doi Pha Kha where the view were marred by the pollution cloud. We returned along last week’s route to Ban Doi Pui where our Song taew was waiting to bring us back into town. A very enjoyable hike along a new route for much of the way. Many thanks to Jamie for pioneering and leading this 9 kms hike. – Report by Brian